Bookami Update - Version 2.1.0

Today we are releasing another FREE update to the Bookami Book Folding Software, but this time it's HUGE !! 

View a video demonstrating just some of the new features:



And here's the full detail of what we've provided in this update:



  • New Preview Screen
  • Create Shadow Folds
  • Create Combi Folds
  • Start Page Calculator
  • Updated ‘Previous Patterns’ screen showing you ALL the details of your pattern, if you have optimised, if you have insets, if you have manually changed measurements. We’ve also added the ability to search for previously created patterns in this screen
  • When you manually change measurements it will now update your Preview Screen
  • We also now alert you if you have manually changed your measurements but then click to edit the pattern (as you would lose your edits)
  • New Setting – Always ask about Insets or set a default answer
  • New Setting – Always ask about Optimisation or set a default answer
  • Option to add a completed photo to a pattern (in previous patterns)
  • New Setting – Include a completed photo on your final PDF (if you have added one)
  • New Setting – If there isn’t a photo do you want to show the silhouette on the PDF Yes/No
  • When you view the pattern measurements on screen, we now highlight in red any duplicate measurements so you can check and change these before creating your PDF
  • You can change the name of a pattern without having to recreate the pattern – just click on the name in the previous patterns screen
  • Added a failsafe check, if you enter more than 1999 pages, it will ask you if you are sure (checking you have not mistyped before it creates the pattern)
  • When you are creating a new pattern, the cursor will automatically appear in the‘Filter’ box to make it quicker to select your silhouette
  • Removed “Created using Bookami Software” from the bottom of the page in the PDF pattern
  • Separate Windows and Mac updates so we can update one without the other (if we find abug in one version but not the other)
  • Changed how we check for banned registrations to help prevent piracy



  • In some cases, each time you opened Bookami it would ask you is you are a New User/Upgrading/Reinstalling – this is fixed
  • In some cases, when optimising a Cut & Fold pattern, you would end up with more pages than you entered – this is fixed
  • In some cases, when optimising a Cut & Fold pattern, blank pages in the middle of the pattern would be optimised (when they shouldn’t be touched) – this is fixed
  • In some cases the process of creating a pattern would break if you have previously received the message that you do not have enough white space or the image is too detailed – this is fixed

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